Monday, March 19, 2012

Is "bromance" shifting views of homosexuality?

The idea of “bromosexuality” discussed in this article was a new concept for me. While I am familiar with “bros” and “bromance,” I never thought of it as its own type of sexuality. It was interesting reading Ron Becker’s critiques of “bromance” as shown in several television shows and the shift that has come about due to the addition of this recently created discourse. While this new phase attempts to spread accepting ideas of homosexuality, it fails as it further emphasizes homosexuality as unordinary.

The male characters in the television shows Becker describes show these emotions toward one another but constantly defend their feelings. As Becker explains, the characters will declare their bro crushes for one another but will then back up these statements by saying, “no homo” or “I’m not homosexual…not that anything’s wrong with that.” By defending their strong feelings for one another, these shows continue to prove the unnatural qualities of homosexuality.

Why is it that women can freely express their affection for one another but men must provide some sort of explanation? Because sensitivity and emotions are linked so closely with being feminine that men consider such feelings to be un-masculine, and thus, “homosexual.” If bromance could be generally accepted and men stopped defending affectionate feelings toward one another, then maybe society could finally understand homosexuality as a normal sexual orientation that needs no explanation. 

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