Friday, March 30, 2012

There is some promise...

Ok so the instant I heard we were talking about Queerness in the media my mind went to one of my all time favorite shows "Queer As Folk". I know some of you may be asking "What the heck is Queer As Folk?" Well I can answer that for you, as stated in the reading it was an incredibly popular show on the Showtime cable channel that involved mainly LGBT characters. Also it ran for 5 "straight" seasons.

While the show does have some flaws like a lacking representation of racially diverse characters, the show never seemed to not push the envelope. Almost everything to deal with gay issues were used. Problems like coming out, drug abuse,  HIV/AIDS, Sexuality (duh!), death, pregnancy, and many more.

After reading the article for today I just wanted to throw out there that TV has jumped forward in a lot of ways. Shows like Queer As Folk, The L Word and even new shows like Happy Endings are showing a lot of promise for the LGBT community. It makes us less of a joke, or side plot of a show just to try and get ratings. Instead we are becoming the main characters who have more than one episode given to them to explore our problems.

So if you have a free weekend or just don't want to do your homework I say take some time to sit down and watch Queer As Folk it will honestly blow your mind! Seriously it's that good, and so out there. But in a good way! Ok I'll stop rambling, but really, you go, watch now.

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