Monday, April 2, 2012

Glee's popularity and controversial story lines allows it to break the gender norms surrounding male popular music. McCracken discusses the current stereotypes that surround what she describes as the crooner, embodied in the character of Kurt. The crooner, once idealized by the media, is now condemned for being feminine in its characteristics. However, McCracken believes that Glee and the character of Kurt breaks the stereotypes of the crooner and does so by championing it. McCracken states, "Glee celebrates the crooner for the very qualities that masculinist America does not: his alignment with the cultural feminine through his preference for romantic songs and commercial pop, his status as an erotic object for male and female audiences, his beauty and sensitivity, his emotional openness and transparency."

Kurt's character also breaks the sexuality norms by being in a relationship with Blaine. In the first segment of the McCkracken's Glee blogs she acknowledges the success that the show has had in, "recognition and critique of dominant cultural constructions of performance and identity." This is also seen in the relationship that developed in the most recent season between Brittany and Santana. They are a lesbian couple who tackle very contemporary issues surrounding queer couples. For example in the Valentine's Day episode Santana request for the God Squad, a christian singing group, to sing to Brittany, her girlfriend. This not only is controversial because they are a lesbian couple, but it becomes more complicated because it is a Christian. In the end, however, the show once again defies the norms and the CHhistian group sings to Brittany. I was hoping to find a clip of this on youtube, but was unable so I'm including a clip from the last seen of this episode where Blaine and Kurt sing "Love Shack". "LOVE SHACK"

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