Monday, April 2, 2012

Pushing Boundaries

The relationship between Kurt and Blaine, in my opinion, is one of the ways in which Glee is breaking boundaries on TV today. As an avid Gleek, there has been a noticeable change in Kurt from the beginning of the show until now that he is hot and heavy with Blaine. The relationship the two have on the show has noticeably changed the way Kurt carries himself. Before Blaine, Kurt struggled with his sexual identity and was overwhelmed with trying to make his father proud and fitting in at school. But with the implementation of Blaine's character, Kurt has obviously thrived as a young man in high school no longer stuggling to identify himself. In my opinion, the two are great role models for the young homosexual community who may at times struggle with their identity. The two have an extremely stable relationship, friends, and lives of their own all while deep in the throws of love. I completely agree with the author when she says "The show’s recognition and critique of dominant cultural constructions of performance and identity has always been one of the its great strengths." Glee is pushing the boundaries that need to be pushed on television today and they are most certainly getting away with it. Glee continues to redefine the norms on television today.

One of the most memorable and boundary pushing moments with Kurt and Blaine was their first kiss. This is the first time, based on my memory, that I have seen two young males kissing on primetime television. In this clip the cast and creators of the show discuss the infamous kiss and the large impact it had on the audience. People had fallen in love with Kurt and Blaine and therefore happiness was in their future. It was interesting to see how comfortable the two characters were with the kiss in the interview. I think that Glee is only doing positive things for television today. Glee is so unique in its portrayal of modern day issues today faced by the youth and I think that it is only with time that more shows will push boundaries without thinking twice. In my opinion, every character on glee is defying some sort of social norm: from the pregnant cheerleader to the asian boy who does not want to be a doctor, Glee continues to poke fun at discrepancies in society and to bring awareness to these stereotypes.

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