Sunday, February 12, 2012

An Adventure-Loving Woman? Never.

            I found this article really interesting because I was not even aware of women screenwriters for a lot of movies.  Maybe it is because I do not watch a lot of movies, or maybe it is because I do not really pay attention to the credits, but I always hear of movies being made and written by men.  Or maybe that is just me being stereotypical, which would not surprise me.

            People do not think of a woman writing an adventure and action packed movie because women are supposed to be “sensitive” and “caring.”  They are not supposed to be considered violent and even enjoy watching blood and gore in movies.  Although I have no interest in ever becoming a screenwriter, I did kind of find it offensive when I read, “‘Who do you have who can write an action-adventure piece?’ If I suggest a woman, well they laugh at me.  There are certain genres where a woman won’t even be considered” (Bielby & Bielby, 167).   So, maybe women are supposed to be delicate and affectionate, and not be interested in blood, gore, but, just because that is the stereotype of women, does not mean that all women are like that.  I am sure that many of the women screenwriters out there are highly interested in writing all types of genres for movies and just because “she” is a woman screenwriter and not a “he” does not mean that she cannot do it just as well and even better than him.
              I guess this is what the film industry would look like if women writers were more accepted.


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