Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sabrina the almost feminist role model?

I found the ideological analysis to be an interesting way to analyze not only gender, but also, all of media in a society. This form of analysis tends to take a Marxist position when it comes to analyzing meaning making. I would agree that meaning making is a result of power structures within our society. Whoever has political power or financial power is in a position where they can buy air - time and pay for a certain idea that they have to be portrayed. Media is also one of the easiest ways to convey messages, and if you have the means, you can easily spread out your ideas in a variety of media texts. I found it interesting to pair the ideological analysis approach to the show ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch.’ This was one of my favorite TV-shows when I was younger and I liked it because Sabrina was so independent.  As described in the article there was gender equality portrayed in the show. Sabrina had a boyfriend, but did not obsess about it. She was also incredibly different from Libby the annoying cheerleader who ridiculed people who were different from societal norms. Sabrina is an example of how those in power (i.e. producers/screenwriters) can construct meaning and mass-produce it. Here they are changing the traditional roles from previous witch shows, like ‘Bewitched’ where she wasn’t supposed to demonstrate her talents, towards a new girl exploring her capabilities. I did, however, find it startling though to realize that the show was predominantly white. This is an issue that third wave feminism most likely noticed, but nothing was done in the series to fix that. I was startled that I had never really thought about that in the show until I had read about it in this article. The TV show ‘Sabrina the teenage witch’ did a phenomenal job in reconstructing and delivering an image of the ‘new woman’ but it still lacked important issues that feminism hopes to address.

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