Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why Do I Enjoy New Girl?

I agree with literally everything that Sonia Saraiya says in "Is 'New Girl' Secretly Feminist?". I don't like the fact that I like New Girl because the main character Jess drives me up the wall. For example, not being able to say the word penis, or in the most recent episode, saying that she is "twirly" instead of being horny. However, I find myself enjoying the show for how she interacts with the guys in her apartment and how they interact with her. I also find myself disagreeing with the first article. As we discussed earlier there is a "knowingness" that they portray with Schmidt. Although he is sexist, he is sexist in an embarrassing way so we laugh at him and the audience knows it's not right. There are also a few moments in the show where you see a nicer side of Schmidt that you can connect with. So you are connecting with the positive and mocking the negative side of the character. I believe the show is feminist because there is a give and take relationship. Jess is too infantile and the guys are teaching her not to be. However, Jess is not always the one being pushed around. In the Christmas episode she convinces to the guys to go knock on doors at 2 in the morning to ask people to turn on Christmas lights. Jess may be obnoxious but she is also a strong character. I may not like the fact that I like the show, but people should not be angry because the show isn't feminist.

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