Monday, February 13, 2012

Less and Less Women = More and More Men

Television is losing women writers. I believe that it is a skewed perception of what is actually going on with the hiring of women in the entertainment industry. Ryan makes a good point about how the economy being stagnant is having a large impact on women not being hired over men, but at the same time, it needs to be recognized the negative effects of not hiring women onto a writing cast. By having a woman and a person of a race other than white on a writing cast, it is seen by many that the quota for diversity is being met by that specific company. Ryan is trying to drive the point home that diversity is not the reason to hire women. Women should be hired in this industry because they can be assets to TV shows and movies. If women are not hired, then only men get to have the advantage of being successful because they are being mentored, gaining experience, and moving up in the world. That is the misconception. Men are only dominating the industry because they are the only ones receiving the chance to be a part of these TV shows and their writing corps. The idea of hiring women should be reevaluated.

Entertainment is a male dominated culture, but it only is because women are not getting the chance to slow them down. Many writing executives believe that the industry is "backtracking" due to only having women at the top and none coming "up the pipeline." A solution needs to be presented in order to help women prosper in this industry. Ryan believes that if the industry remains the same, there is no "downside." Many shows have stood the test of time by having seasons of shows loved by the public without having women writers. Some corporations believe that a change is not needed, but for the sake of the economy and women's futures, women cannot be left out. It is just another situation where women are not receiving a fair chance. If institutions maintain the mindset that a male dominated culture in the workplace is adequate, then this hiring framework might be adapted in other industries. Companies need to give women a fair chance. I mean, not too long ago, women were quite relevant in the entertainment industry. Why all of a sudden are they considered not worthy of a chance to be a writer for a television show? I'm sure they can answer the bell if given the opportunity.

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