Monday, February 13, 2012

Are Shows That Know What Girls and Guys Like Possible?

The two articles, "What Makes a Show Aimed at Women?" and "Women Watch TV Like This, But Men Watch TV Like This", left me asking myself a lot of questions about what shows I see on TV and whether or not I think that they are targeted toward men or women.  Neither of the articles seemed to have clear assertions of what elements of TV shows attract men and what elements attract women.  It seems as though there are certain shows that are meant to be geared toward men, featuring 'scantily-clad' women and women as sexual objects.  As Poniewozik points out, these shows, like The Playboy Club, often do a poor job at attracting male viewers; many shows that you may think are meant to be aimed at men end up having majority female viewers.  It is difficult to decipher what makes a show liked by women or men.  One show that I thought of was 'Friends', because it has an equal male/female cast and every friend in the show plays has a male/female counterpart.  Does the fact that all of the men and women in the show are represented equally make it a men's and women's show?  Not necessarily. 

Is this show geared toward men or women and how can we tell?  I am still trying to answer the question myself. 

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