Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why Music but not Television?

     The readings focused the inequality of the participation of women in movies and television. Not only are they absent from on-screen appearances, but behind the scenes as well. Some believe that television depicts our society in its current state and at the same time, our society tends to use television as a guideline for social norms. How do we depict an accurate version of our society without a full representation of women? And it seems that even when we do see a woman on screen, she's in such a stereotypical feminine role that we are not making any progress. I wonder what must happen first in order for more women to be involved in television and movies. Do we must first have to have more women on screen before they can produce films or will the women's roles in television shows come when women are writing and producing these shows?
     I encountered an interesting connection when reading these articles and shortly after reading all of the facebook and twitter posts about the Grammy's. We see inequalities of women's roles in popular television but it seems that men were the minority when it came to Grammy talk and award winners. I don't understand what the difference is between music and television when it comes to the discrepancy of women as role models. This occurs even with the vast majority of music producers being male, and it's not as if all fans of these female pop stars are women, I know just as many male Adele fans as female. So why is it that we assume that men don't want to watch a female actress but can be the biggest fans of female musicians?

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