Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Danica Patrick Strips for...Feminism?

In Gill’s reading for today, she confronts the depoliticization of feminist media studies. She not only discusses the ways feminists challenge the media, but she also confronts the disagreements between the feminist perspectives. She discusses the qualities of “positive” images and whether or not “positive” can be a universal term.

As we’ve discussed over the past few classes, images are only that—images; the challenge is that people interpret the images differently. So, a commercial with a scantily clad woman can be seen as objectifying or empowering, depending on the audience member you ask. What I thought about while reading this section were the Danika Patrick ‘Go Daddy’ commercials.


(most recent)

Danica Patrick is the only female in the Indie car races, which is empowering and an incredible feat. Danica has entered a completely male-dominated sport; along with this achievement, she understandably has been called ‘hot’, ‘sexy’, and a slew of other things that can be considered either empowering or objectifying, depending on who you ask. Being the only girl in the sport, it is expected for her looks to be discussed, but this commercial takes it so much farther than it should. I can’t even tell you what Go Daddy! sells, and this commercial does nothing to explain the commercial. Is this effective marketing? Or shameless objectification?

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