Monday, February 13, 2012

Ribon's The Magical Vulva of Opportunity is one piece that I personally love because of its honesty. It is funny and true and so heartfelt to the point where I completely understand every word that she chose to write.

I believe that all women still feel the pings of sexism in parts of their everyday life whether it be in class, at work (like Ribon), or in their relationship. But I also believe that there are people out there that refuse to discuss it because they do not actually believe for one second that there is still sexism out there. I have heard countless men and women, and believe me it makes me cringe every time, that say "There should be no feminism because there men and women are equal".


Something that I have studied for almost four years and completely stand behind is that there is still a need for feminism and I think this idea is almost being communicated in The Magical Vulva of Opportunity without actually being said. Honestly if she kept going I'm sure she would have said something along those lines.

Ribon discusses the Boys' Club that sits behind the scenes in comedy and her experience being told that she is  "lucky" that she is relatively successful because of the fact that she is a woman. No, not because she is a good writer or funny for that matter, but a woman, basically a vagina. Ribon was being limited to her genitals, not even her wit.

To those people who I spoke of earlier who still think that women and men are completely equal:


That is evidence enough that there is still a need for feminism. What I mean by that is that there is still an incredible need for women and men to discuss and CHANGE the ways women are seen, in this case, in comedy. Women and men should never be limited to whether or not they have a vagina or a penis. Honestly what I propose to rid the world of this kind of prejudice is to teach our children that having a vagina or a penis doesn't make you better. If people are taught that women and men ARE equal then we can begin to actually understand that. (That is just the beginning)

Honestly, I hope everyone read Ribon's opinions in The Magical Vulva of Opportunity because it reminds those who have forgotten that there is still prejudice out there and it needs to change.

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