Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where Them Girls At?

I found these articles to be extremely eye opening and addressing something in the television and movie business that I was completely blind to. While it is an unfortunate statistic, the number of women in the workforce is outnumbered by the number of men. Yet I never put two and two together when it comes to the television and movies that are produced and the people they are produced by. In a predominately male driven industry, it is interesting how the viewership is changing right under their noses. I have never really thought about who the media I consumer is intended for until now. Two of my favorite shows this season are New Girl and Up All Night and I honestly thought they portrayed women in a positive light. Zoey is defying norms by living with three men while on Up All Night the main female character goes back to work while her husband stays at home to take care of their newborn. It is refreshing to see powerful women on television and it is obvious that women are responding well to these characters. I personally do not believe that the shows are gender focused but maybe that is all in their plan.

What I find most interesting is how who is behind the scenes affects the audience. In the “Magical Vulva of Opportunity” I was shocked by what the agent said to Ribon. I figured in 2012 we would have moved pasted filling gender quotas. But I appreciated her patience and composure, which turned into more fuel to her fire to succeed. While she may go from show to show, I believe that Ribon is the one gaining experience. Failure can be a good thing. With the success of Bridesmaids, I wonder if idea of women in comedy will change for the better? It will be interesting to see where the television and movie industry go next. The media is constantly changing it is becoming more and more difficult to just simply keep up.

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