Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where can I get a subscription to Bitch Magazine?

"I forced the angry Little Pam inside me to stay quiet and not get baited, not grab my nearest copy of Bitch Magazine, roll it up into a twat-baton..." (Pamie 2011)

The article "The Magical Vulva of Opportunity" was one of the most entertaining and informative articles I have ever read. When I was finished with the article I had to take a minute to consider everything: what we have discussed in class, what Pamie was saying, other fields where women might be placed in similar situations, and what exactly a "twat-baton" is...Throughout the article I found myself laughing, sympathizing with the author, and wondering if I would one day face the same fate in my own profession. This article, along with the Bielby & Bielby study, really lent some good insight into the world of media production and the implications gender may have.

I found the Rosenburg and Poniewozick articles to be extremely interesting as well, especially considering several of the shows they mentioned I really enjoy.  Both of the authors recognize that it is difficult to determine whether or not a show is targeted at a specific gender because there is not definite set of guidelines for MALE as opposed to FEMALE SHOW. Interestingly, both authors referenced the show “New Girl” which is one my favorite shows. Rosenburg argued that the show was geared more towards men than women because it “focuses on how the character is perceived…rather than who she is” (2011).  However, Poniewozick does not find this to be as clear-cut.  He cites statistics that indicate that more women watch the show and also speaks of anecdotal experiences that complicate the matter.

After reading these four articles my mind was very much in over drive. I was thinking about my upcoming internship at a media research firm and what implications my gender may have in that experience. I created a mental trailer for an action-adventure move written by a female writer (it was pretty awesome). Finally, I thought back of all the “New Girl” episodes and tried to come up with my own conclusion about whether the show is geared towards men or women. I ended up deciding that, in my perfect world, the show is gender neutral because it is able to cater to both genders. While it far from does this perfectly, if I were to make a boy/girl list I would hope the columns would end up being more even than not (content analysis much?).

I included this clip because it’s from my favorite episode of “New Girl” and I feel that it shows how the show caters to both men (enter hot model with sex appeal) and women (men making fools of themselves in front of said model).

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