Friday, February 3, 2012

and The GLAAD Media Award goes to...

Well this blog post is going to be harder to write than others. I found what we had to read today positively boring. I get that doing an analysis of our current media maybe every 5-10 years is important. We need to see if we as a society have made any significant moves toward positively representing our culture.
I just found that the two readings we had to read today were telling me things I already know about our media. Women are usually taking care of things at home or working second hand, while men are doing what they have always been doing, working big name jobs and being the head of a household. This may be the problem with doing content analysis of media. They really aren’t telling people anything new. This issue was brought up in both Gill and van Zoonen’s readings. It sort of brings up a question of “So what?” (van Zoonen, 74)
While I was bored with the readings, they did make me think. Why are we looking for the negatives so often? Why don’t we try and applaud media when they do something right? We can talk about shows like Modern Family, Glee, South of Nowhere and companies who advertise for a majority of different social groups like Bud Light, Trojan, Lacoste and Target. I’m not saying anyone should give up on fighting to prove that the media does a pretty horrible job at representing our society in a positive way. However I think that if we make a big deal about the changes that are happening in the media then maybe future media will follow suite by making even bigger changes. I mean this is all hypothetical but I’m just putting my two cents in.   

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