Monday, February 13, 2012

"New" Guy

I have to say I’m a little shocked after reading some of the articles we had to read for class today. Articles I read last semester said that TV was made/aimed towards women and film was made/aimed towards men. Now it’s starting to look like men are dominating the whole spectrum of media. Now in some ways this is incredibly disconcerting. But after looking at Rosenberg’s article "What Makes A Show Aimed At Women". I’m starting to think that there may be some positives to men being more accessible in the media.
Yes this may be an incredible stretch here but I was sort of moved about when she was talking about the show New Girl. Honestly I think the show could be for any gender. There is Jess with her dork but oh so cute manner which I feel a lot of people love, but then there are all of her male roommates. I think they all show a different kind of man. Winston would be the jock, Nick the quintessential bartender and Schmitt is well sort of like the GQ man. They all have something different about them that makes them a different sort of guy which I feel a lot of men can relate to in different ways. ANYWAYS what I am trying to get at is that Rosenberg was saying that the show “New Girl” was more about Nick, Winston and Schmitt’s changes rather than Jesse’s; which honestly I think is something nice a new.
We don’t get to see many male characters go through emotional/mental changes on TV shows today. So I’m coming out here and saying New Girl might be one of the best new shows on television cause it’s promoting something else besides sex, scandals and macho men. And frankly it’s about time we see something new on tv besides that.

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