Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Adventures in Pron Land

If you read the title above this post, you're probably a little confused. “Pron,what is pron?” Well if you unscramble the letters it actually spells out porn. Yes pornography is the name of the game here and I want to see what’s behind door number 3. I found this part of the second chapter in Zoonen’s book to be fairly compelling. I mean how many times do we get to talk about porn in an academic setting? Basically never, so I’m taking this opportunity to blog about something incredibly inappropriate and possibly awkward with much curiosity. Moving on….from pages 18-21 you can find various examples of how feminist view the media of pornography. 

While I myself do agree that at some times “pornography objectifies women for men’s pleasures” (18) I don’t agree with Dworkin’s statement “pornography exists because men despise women, and men despise women because pornography exist” (19) I think it is just unfair to place the blame for years of societal issues on one form of media and one specific gender. Last semester in my Issues In Feminism class pornography was the main topic of discussion for one class period. It honestly was one of the most uncomfortable moments here at Denison but we touched on a lot of issues, one of them being how we could make porn more “feminist friendly”. I personally thought maybe a solution could be switching things up. By displaying safer practices on screen such as an active use condoms and asking for consent, pornography could present a good set of ideals while still being gratifying. 

Basically what I think I’m trying to say is, you’re not going to get rid of porn. It’s a billion dollar industry that has been around and will be around for years to come. So since we can’t get rid of it why not try and change it. Make something that you may personally view as “disgusting” and make it tolerable instead.

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