Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Testing 1, 2, 3...

My main focus in searching for classes for my final semester here at Denison, to be completely honest, was first an acceptable time slot and secondly an interesting subject matter. Having completed my major requirements, my options were pretty open. After spending a semester in Business of Media with Professor Copple Smith, I had come to enjoy her teaching style and the laid back atmosphere of the class that was always coupled with interesting discussion and debate.

When it came to the subject of gender, my only collegiate experience was through a gender communication class with Dr. Gunn. I was incredibly hesitant heading into that course, but came out with fresh perspectives and an enlarged sensitivity to certain topics. My only previous experience in understanding gender topics was having my mother lecture me when I yelled at women drivers on the road.

None the less, I look forward to an interesting semester in a topic I know little about. Oddly enough, I find the GE classes I take at Denison where I have little, to no experience, frequently end up being some of the most interesting. While I may only be able to bring a singular perspective to class discussions, I look forward to broadening that scope.

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