Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why take this class?

I chose to take this class because I really did enjoy the last class I took with Erin and, to be honest, it fit my schedule. I had been looking for a Women's Studies class to take and I was looking at some other Communications classes as well and when I saw that this course was available, I figured it would be the perfect combination of the two. I have never taken a women's studies course and I am interested to hear the issues that will be brought up in the class, especially focusing on issues in the media.

I believe it is important to understand and learn about gender and sexuality in the media because the media is so prevalent in today's society. It is literally all around and forms so many opinions of today's public on what is the social norm and what is not. Understanding the different representations of gender and sexuality in the media is important to understanding a integral part of our society.

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