Thursday, January 19, 2012

An Escape to "Real Life"

            Gill’s reading discusses audience studies specifically looking at the encoding/decoding moment of the audiences, the pleasures audiences receive from the media they view, and the shift to studying information and communication technologies in the context of everyday life.  The encoding/decoding moment describes the way a person takes in and understands a message they receive from the media.  Gill talks about how a message can have more than just one meaning and sometimes we may not understand the true meanings behind a message.  With looking at audience pleasure, Gill discusses the idea that many women who read romances enjoy fleeing from their own, real life and falling into the heroine’s life in their imagination.
            This leads into Radway’s article “Women Read the Romance.”  This article describes a group of romance readers, whom she calls the Smithton women, who enjoy reading romance novels in order to escape their real life.  In order to feel happy and content, many of these women turn to romance novels because “reading the novels gives them hope [and] provides pleasure” (Radway, 49).
            It was interesting to me how both of these articles stated the idea that women become more comfortable and find reading or watching television more pleasurable when they are by themselves.  Women want to be loved and treated right and sometimes they do not receive that attention so they turn to romances in order to make them feel better about themselves.  Many women treat men with care and respect, and many men do not reciprocate those actions, which is why it is unfair that women have to turn to romance novels in order to become happy.  It is also noted that some women have to watch their favorite television show by themselves to make it an enjoyable activity.  Women see romances as an escape from their real life and if your wife, girlfriend, or partner, whatever you would like to call them, is turning to romances to be happy, maybe you should check your relationship and the way you are treating her. 

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