Friday, January 27, 2012

Gill and van Zoonen

In Gill's discussion, the first she points out is the historical problems with the beginning of feminism as it relates/ doesn't relate to black women and their historical oppression from both races and genders. She find that there was a failure in white feminism that alienated black women from the same disccussion of equal rights. In order to reconfigure the framework of feminism, we needed to reexamine the processing of classes and racialization. A new focus  came into effect in developing a transition into a global focus in order to "acknowledge differences in gender, race, class and other forms of oppression." (Gill 29)
The second disscussion she pointed out was the 'crisis' on masculinity and its portrayal and evolution in media and its effects it had on shaping how men see themselves.

In van Zoonen 3rd chapter, her main focus is on two elements of critique which are 'distortion' and 'socialization'. van Zoonen sees a disconnection between how media portrays women and the actual reality in which women play a role in the real world. The media as she says is lagging behind in portraying the correct realization that women work and hold higher jobs than just being a stay at home mother with no problems. I found interesting was the fact that those "stereotypes are actually not images of ourselves but radicalized expressions of a common social practice of identifying and  categorizing  events, experiences, objects or persons." (van Zoonen 30)
The second critique was on the socialization in which we are taught our values by way of symbolic rewards and punishments for different kinds of behaviour. These create what we know as what our role and status is in society. Within that the media carries multiple meanings and are open to a range of interpretations, that we decode through our socialization within our society.

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