Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why this class?

This class is of extreme interest to me. Why is there a trend of funny women in the media? What creates new trends? Why are there only a few good examples of adult men on tv? All of these things can be linked back to gender and sexuality and how our culture perceives each. By taking this class I hope to understand more where these trends come from as well as predict them in the future. I think it is also significant to understand the media messages that are a constant part of our daily lives. It is important to not just see what the media is saying but how they are saying it, the underlying meanings, and the cultural implications of those messages.
Having this kind of understanding is necessary for all of those immersed in the media today. By studying this topic we can have a better understanding of all of the chaos going on around us. Not only this but by understanding the different messages, trends, and implications on gender and sexuality we can understand more readily our own stance in the subject as well as find a way to either maintain or change it in the future.

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