Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why I was interested in this class

I think that it is important to recognize the way that gender and sexuality are portrayed through media and what discourse is used about them in our every day lives.  The media has effects on our perceptions of gender and sexuality even if we may not realize it.  Sometimes I think that I don't even realize that some stereotypes or preconceived opinions that I have about gender roles have been formulated by media sources, and I tend to think of them as my own personal beliefs and opinions.  I am hoping that this class will give me the ability to realize what is presented to be about gender in the media and how this effects my own personal beliefs.
Something that is also very interesting to me is how the portrayal of gender and sexuality in the media has changed over time.  Something that I have recently noticed in the media that was also described in the Gill intro was that humor in the media is used to cover sexism, because it makes stereotypes so blatant.  A perfect example of this is the Dr Pepper Ten advertisement, which claims that the Dr Pepper has "ten manly calories" and then says specifically that it is "not for women".  This ad really stood out to me, and I think that studying the use of humor and stereotypes in the media is important, especially since it seems to be a more recent phenomenon. 

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