Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why take this class?

I chose to take this class because I have never taken a communication class in my four years at Denison. I believe that everyone should take at least one communications class because they are important when going to a liberal arts college. Mediating gender & sexuality seemed like one of the more interesting communication classes and Erin came extremely recommended by many of her previous students. 

It is important to learn about the ways in which genders and sexualities are projected in the media. I believe that a lot of the times the ways that genders and sexualities are projected are the stereotypical ideas about them. Because of this it is important to acknowledge the types of media that break the stereotypical views of genders and sexualities. As a woman I feel that it is very important to learn about the shows that break the gender norms of female roles. I hope to learn about other ways that television and movies are breaking the typical gender and sexuality roles. I am excited for the upcoming semester and learning about the projection of gender and sexuality in the media.

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