Tuesday, January 17, 2012

For Future Assisstance

It wasn’t since the first semester of freshman year that I really felt like I could take whatever classes I wanted. Already fulfilling all of my GE’s and only needing one more course for both of my major requirements, I am really just taking classes for the sake of credit hours. The benefit of not being back as a freshman picking out my classes (among a large list of other things) is that I now know people and can ask for recommendations. I asked around for a class, and was told that any class with you would not leave me disappointed!
It just so happens that the idea of gender, sexuality, and the media is something that I find really fascinating. Next fall I will begin teaching elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee through Teach for America. I feel like children are exceptionally susceptible to the media and the constant influx of messages that they are sent. I am very interested to look closer at these issues because I truly think it will help me to better understand the children that I will be working with in the future.

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