Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A New Perspective on Women's Studies

I have a strong interest in the subject of Women's Studies.  As a senior who is a women's studies minor, I am looking forward to a different approach to socially constructed ideas of gender.  Where do we get our ideas on gender stereotypes? What happens if we do not live up to those ideas?  Who creates these ideas? Are our identities created through the nature or nurture approach?  The amount of media we are exposed to plays a significant role in creating gender roles and I am interested in learning where and how these expectations are created and instilled on us.  I am especially interested in learning about females in the media spotlight and how they are perceived and the different types of scrutiny they must endure.  From Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin in the political spotlight, to Tina Fey in the generally male dominated sphere of comedy (I just listened to "Bossy Pants" on tape, which is hilarious,  and she addresses so many topics and issues about women in the media and the obstacles they must face).  As our generation becomes more and more exposed and obsessed with the constant influx of media, I am eager to learn about how it influences gender roles and expectations and the kind of effect it has and will have on our generation.

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