Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why take this class...

I was interested in taking this class because I am interested in studying the way in which people are represented in the media. I have taken a Queer Studies course and the Gender and Communication course which looked at the issues of gender and sexuality portrayals in the media and I found it all very interesting! Also, I took Media Structures with Erin last year and loved the course so I was excited to take another course with her!
I believe it is very important to study the media's representation of gender and/or sexuality because the media has a large impact on the development of culture as well as the maintenance of it. Without knowing how gender and sexuality are displayed in the media, there is no way in which change can occur. Had scholars not begun studying women's portrayals in the media, we would not have disciplines such as Women's Studies nor would we have had a Women's Rights Movement at all. By studying these representations we are closer to achieving complete equality.

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