Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Changes in masculinity

          The section in the Gill reading for today’s class on masculinity caught my attention most. When thinking about gender discrimination and differences in the media most people, myself included, generally only think about the discrimination of women and female roles. Gill presents the reader with the new developing controversy within gender studies in the media with the changes in defining masculinity. From the reading I learned that there are many different types of masculinity and not just the traditional breadwinner, strong, father definition of masculinity. The fragmentation that is occurring in defining what is masculine and the new definitions of masculinity are just as important to study in today’s media as it is to study women’s representation of femininity.
            The crisis that is developing and emerging from the expansion of research in both these sectors of gender and media studies is extremely important because it greatly influences the way children see themselves. I believe that because of the influence that the media has on children in the media saturated society of today studying femininity and masculinity and their representations is necessary. As we have talked about in class young boys and girls are very susceptible to what they see on TV and hear on the radio. We need to make sure that they are being exposed to progressive and diverse representations of femininity and masculinity in order to break the traditional gender norms that have been cultivated in the US media. 

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