Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why This Class?

     I chose this class because I've taken some other classes with similar topics but never anything that has centered on media and creating gender. Last semester I took "The Trouble with Normal" with Dr. Kirkpatrick which discussed the creation of societal norms like gender and sexuality within a culture. I felt that this class would build on some of the topics from Dr. Kirkpatrick's class as well as go into more depth with the topic of contemporary media.
     I think that it is important to study media and its affects on society because in American culture, social media can be the easiest way to reach the greatest numbers of people. It's something that we seemingly can't avoid yet we often take for granted the power that it has on our lives. Stepping back and studying media and its affects on society could be a way of magnifying problems within our culture that we often overlook.

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