Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Test Post- why this class?

I am taking this class because last semester I took Media Studies with Erin and loved it. She was always so enthusiastic, which made the class so much more fun and enjoyable. She is very good at explaining concepts and theories and she teaches them in a way that's very organized so it is easier to understand. Also, I've taken Issues in Feminism before and was very interested in the discussions and readings we had. It will be interesting to learn about the ties between the media and these gender and sexuality topics. As well as that, this class helps fill a requirement for my major.

Gender and sexuality is very important to discuss as it is constantly being recreated and reshaped by society. Society often places people into binaries of males and females as a way to appear "normal". It will be interesting to discuss the power society holds over deciding what constitutes a male or a female. It is important for people to accept the complicated broadness of gender and sexuality and begin to be more open minded about these subjects. It is also important to realize the substantial impact the media has on creating these normalcies.

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