Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back for More!

I think it's clear that many, if not most, of us took this class because of the professor. I am in that category as well. I took Media Structures with Erin last year and I really enjoyed her teaching style and her unavoidable humor. The class itself was interesting as well and since I was rather successful in grasping the topics of that class I thought I'd get this class a shot. I also just took Dr. Gillespie's Mediating Feminism in Pop Culture Through Fairy Tales class and loved it. This class's goal reminds me of that fairy tales class, only focused on something I enjoy (and study): the media. I am a cinema major so I have a lot of knowledge about movies and television. I'm also just an avid consumer of the media, as we all inevitably are. I also really like the cultural studies approach. It's what I found myself most interested in in Media Structures so it was another reason why this class fits well with my interests.
I've taken quite a few classes with this similar theme because I think they have a very important place in a liberal arts education. At Denison, we are always making connections between our chosen disciplines, elective classes, and student experiences to the larger societal whole. I've learned that many things that go on at Denison, whether it be the fashion trends, the dating culture, or the politics hinge on the contemporary cultural impact the media has on us as consumers and as individuals. I think it's important to know how this impact is made on our lives and what happens when it does. Thinking in this sort of way helps me at least think inward on myself and the culture I live in; that could be the Denison bubble or the greater society. It's for these reasons that we study gender and sexuality and particularly why we study media in relations to those entities.


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