Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why This Class

     I chose to take this class because I enjoyed the previous course I took with Erin. I have never taken a class centered around “gender and sexuality.” Taking this course will allow me the opportunity to study these intriguing topics and connect material with other aspects of my Denison education. In addition, I have never taken a communication course that has been cross-listed so I thought this course would bring new perspectives to the study of communication as a whole.

   It is important to study this material because the way media portrays gender and sexuality is present in many aspects of today’s society. The media uses different formats to send messages regarding societal norms. Understanding why and how the media functions will give us a better understanding of existing cultural expectations and assumptions surrounding the topics of gender and sexuality. Critically analyzing class material will allow us to talk about these topics and further our own understanding of gender and sexuality in the media. 

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