Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why This Class???

There are always classes or professors that you have that make an impact on you. Copple-smith made an impact on me after I took her Business of Media class in the spring of '11. I just really enjoyed the relevant topics we covered and how the class was structured and I could always count on there being a great cast of students as well as a good atmosphere. I knew that my final semester here I would want to be in one of her classes again and this one seemed like the perfect fit. The topic seemed interesting and I felt that it would provide a new perspective to media that we sometimes ignore.

It definitely is a relevant and important topic and in today's world its important to understand and analyze media from this perspective. I took a Sex, Gender and the Brain biology class a few years ago and it really opened my eyes to the wide spectrum of diversity that plays out in sexuality among humans and other species. Its amazing that we finally have a lot more diversity shown in this area in the media and as such its an important area to look at from a communication standpoint. 

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