Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Your body needs to be loved!

Self acceptance is the theme of the 14th annual Love Your Body Day. This is a special day that is spent by women of all different colors, sizes, and ages come together to enjoy oneself and each other. It is a typical feeling by people that they are not beautiful, pretty, or sexy when watching ads and pieces of media that display an image that is characterized as 'unattainable.' Love Your Body Day is a wonderful day and should be celebrated all over the world, especially in the United States where we are a melting pot of every type of person imaginable. Whether these women that participate in this event are considered feminist is up for debate. I argue that it should not matter. For this type of occasion, people need to stop judging and provide support to the cause. Your body needs to be loved! It is the only one you will ever have. It should be treated with the utmost respect by both its owner and everyone around it. Rosalind Gill poses a question to her readers regarding women's image in media ads: Is it the shape you are or is it the shape you are in (Gill, 86)? Gill believes that the media believes in one, but if society can help shift that belief to the other, then the world can be a more loving place for women.

Love Your Body Day occurs in result to the negative media that forgets what pretty actually is. It is a refreshing feeling seeing more ads that are trying to reverse the norm of how women's bodies should be viewed and judged. For example, Cover Girl is using more plus size models and celebrities for its line of fabulous cosmetics. Recently, Queen Latifah was in a commercial and on the magazine's cover promoting her beautiful and voluptuous body. In her eyes, she is beautiful, and everyone else in the world should start to consider the message that she and Cover Girl is trying to send. Love your body and celebrate your image! 

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