Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why take this class

I registered for this class because I have had a few Communication classes in the past and found them very interesting. Also, the fact that this class is cross-listed in a number of departments caught my attention and suggested to me that the material that we will be learning about and discussing will cover many areas and will be relevant to each of our lives in various ways. I also have touched briefly on the topic of gender and sexuality in the past but did not really have to opportunity to fully explore these topics.

I think that it is important to study this material because it is something that everybody comes into contact with during their lives especially in today's society where media is extremely present. Gender and sexuality are presented in many various manners through different media outlets and we all are exposed to these presentations of gender and sexuality. To me, the main reason that this subject is important to study has to do with the implications of the presentations of gender and sexuality by the media. Although we all encounter the presentations through the media, without studying and understanding this subject, we most likely will not even think twice about the things that we are witnessing and how it affects us.

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