Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting over the past

My first semester freshman year Issues in Feminism course was highly intimidating to me.  Coming out of high school fairly naive to college course work and expectations was a hard enough transition without the added confusion that feminism issues brought to the table.  I had never considered, in depth, the tremendous affect that societal norms and gender expectations had over my actions, beliefs, interests and style of living.  It was a shocking, incredibly interesting course, but all I could focus on was trying to get a good grade!  In my junior year, with priorities a little more in line, I wanted to revisit contemporary feminist issues with a more open and critical mindset.

It is important to study these ideologies and theories within communication media because it has founded a large portion of our daily activities and actions.  Media acts as our main source of information, guiding our reactions to and understandings of the world we live in.  The reciprocal relationship of audience and mass media is what I am most interested in, how one feeds off of the other in a pattern that seems impossible to break out of.  For change to occur within the dynamics of the relationship would require major impact by one or both of the entities, something that rarely happens in our comfortably-traditional societal value environment.

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