Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why take this class?

I decided to take this class partly because I've wanted to take a Women's Studies course for the past few semesters, and I was excited that I could gain a basic knowledge of feminist ideas within the framework of media studies.  I've only taken one course on media studies while working on my Communication major, so I'm also excited to expand my knowledge in that area as well.

I'm also particularly interested in the ideas of ideology and hegemony and the ways that our daily lives are governed by ideas that are formed at a subconscious level, particularly through our exposure to media.  I spent last summer researching these theories in the context of the BP oil spill.  I was really taken with the idea that a small portion of the population that holds political and economic power is able to easily manipulate our worldview.  So for this course, I'm interested in exploring the ways in which the media can manipulate our perception of gender roles and relations and the ways in which we conform to these social constructions of gender.

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